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African King This piece took control of me. I did not feel like I was the one planning the design, but rather the necklace itself demanded how it be made. I told a friend of mine about this and he told me he was not surprised; I had chosen the colors of an African King. There are two kinds of Jasper in this necklace. The large stones are African Picture Jasper and the trim at the bottom includes Poppy Jasper. The centerpiece is Serpentine. The main fill of the necklace is made of Glass Seed Beads accented with two Fresh Water Pearls. This photograph does not show the neck which is made of Waxed Linen, Gold-filled wire and Fossilized Sea Bottom. It is a fairly large necklace, measuring about 16 inches from the back to the bottom of the centerpiece. It is about five inches across. $500